Elastic Chest Harness

Alternative to Leather, the Elastic Chest Harness

The Elastic Chest Harness is a softer version to the Leather Chest Harness. Unlike the Leather version, the Elastic Harness provides a more sensual, but still erotic, vibe. The fabric is traditionally softer and is gaining popularity among parties. The Elastic Harness is not only more economical, it is also extremely practical. It hides well […]

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Gay Darkroom

What goes on in a Gay Darkroom?

I think you know what happens in a Gay Darkroom.  But in case you don’t – it’s sex.  Extremely popular still in Europe, many Leather or regular bars have dark rooms which is an open space with very little lighting and enough space for you to explore other men, and for them to explore you.  […]

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Gay Leather Collars

What is the Collar Code and other things to know about Leather Collars

You are likely to see guys wearing Leather Collars when you go to a Leather Bar or any Fetish Event.  If you are on the hunt, there’s something you should be aware of.  You must respect the Ownership of a Sub.  If a Sub, as hot as he may be looking with his Leather Chest […]

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Gay Leather Bar

Top 10 Don’t Dos at a Gay Leather Bar

It’s wonderful that you are ready to go to a Gay Leather Bar.  You got your Leather Harness and your Jock Strap on, and you’re headed out to the Gay Leather Bar for the first time.  But there are a few things to make sure you DON’T DO before and while you are there, to […]

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bear leather harness

Should I wear a Leather Harness?

Should you wear a Leather Harness? Of course YESSSS! Sure, we already said you can just wear whatever you want to your Leather Bar.  But what fun is that?  If you’ve done your homework and found a local bar or special event, why not try out your new Leather Harness?  This is especially true if they […]

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Gay Leather Harness

Find a special event to try that new Gay Leather Harness!

So you bought a Gay Leather Harness and can’t wait to try it, but your usual bar crowds don’t seem the right place?  Well look again!  Most bars will have Special Events, such as Campus Nights, Drag Shows, and yes, Leather Nights!  Sometimes the reverse is true too, even if you go to a “Leather […]

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Gay Leather Man

Do I have to wear Leather to a Gay Leather Bar?

Do you have to wear Leather to get into a Gay Leather Bar? Short answer is No!  But…. it’s WAY MORE FUN if you do! It might be the first time you walk into the Cock, or the Eagle, and you are surrounded by leather chaps, harnesses, jockstraps galore.  Of course you walked in wearing […]

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