Alternative to Leather, the Elastic Chest Harness

The Elastic Chest Harness is a softer version to the Leather Chest Harness. Unlike the Leather version, the Elastic Harness provides a more sensual, but still erotic, vibe. The fabric is traditionally softer and is gaining popularity among parties. The Elastic Harness is not only more economical, it is also extremely practical. It hides well under shirts, so you can wear it before going out without being noticed.

Not to mention… Elastic Chest Harness don’t require animal skin!

This is the “little black dress” for Gay Men.  The Elastic Chest Harness Black or White Straps are a basic necessity to your clubbing wardrobe! This is a GREAT and ECONOMICAL alternative to the Leather Chest Harness.  They can be worn just about anywhere, especially at Clubs, Circuit Parties, White parties, and Pride!  Be careful though, you just might get confused as a Go Go Boy, since you will be looking extra SEXY!   They clearly accentuate a man’s shoulders, pecs and arms.  Depending on the design, there is one that will work best for your body shape and size.

There are many styles of Elastic Chest Harness, so why not try a few?  VergeWear offers a wide assortment of affordable styles at our Shop!

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