What goes on in a Gay Darkroom?

I think you know what happens in a Gay Darkroom.  But in case you don’t – it’s sex.  Extremely popular still in Europe, many Leather or regular bars have dark rooms which is an open space with very little lighting and enough space for you to explore other men, and for them to explore you.  Whether you want to touch, or be touched, by strangers, this is where you want to be.  You can kneel in front of a stranger and bury your face into their crotch, or stand in front of someone with your cock out for that anonymous blowjob.  If you want to take it further and take it up the ass, then simply bend over.  Just be ready for a pounding, or two, or more.  Some spaces have a bit more lighting than others, but is generally not great for Exhibitionists or Voyeurs.  It’s really just for those that want to rough anonymous action.

In some places in the USA, Gay Darkrooms are making a come back.  Whether at a Leather Bar or club event.  If you are lucky, you might even find ones with slings or other sex furniture, where subs can be tied up and be on display.  Some want to be whipped, or just groped.  These places are great for the Exhibitionists or Voyeurs, especially if you are into intense BDSM, such as full body rope bondage, pain, fisting, etc.

If you are going to visit and play in a Gay Darkroom, remember to be mindful of your valuables.  You can visit our Shop for some great waist pouches or arm bands if you’ve already checked in your clothing (or plan on removing them on the floor).

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