Do I have to wear Leather to a Gay Leather Bar?

Do you have to wear Leather to get into a Gay Leather Bar? Short answer is No!  But…. it’s WAY MORE FUN if you do!

It might be the first time you walk into the Cock, or the Eagle, and you are surrounded by leather chaps, harnesses, jockstraps galore.  Of course you walked in wearing your tshirt and jeans (and maybe a jockstrap underneath).  You probably are wondering if you are dressed appropriately for the occasion.  Well, this ain’t the Opera honey.  You can wear whatever you want.  Yes, there may be tons of furry assess and pecs around you buckled with leather straps dripped in man sweat (*fans myself), but hey, they are just like you to have fun!  So no worries.

Once your eyes adjust to the darkness (most likely) of the room, and your brain isn’t over stimulated by the throbbing sexuality all around you, you’ll probably notice that you are definitely not the only one in T-Shirt and jeans.  Some guys might be wearing a harness with no shirt and a pair of jeans, some might be wearing their latest gear over their daywear.  Regardless, this is a judgement free and safe zone.  If you wore nothing at all, I’m sure no one would mind either (just go ask the men on their knees in the dark room, they’ll tell you with their mouths).

Every body type was on display. Large folks of every gender strutted jockstraps. Skinny kinksters slinked through in latex. Countless guys like me — guys who work out but still eat donuts, who keep their beards trim and bellies natural — felt confident to lose shirts (and more).

As for body shapes? Sure you’ll see some Equinox boys.  But one of the best things about the Gay Leather community is that everyone and anyone is welcome, regardless of body type, age, race, gender identity, etc.  What’s important, is your attitude.  And most of these folks choose to show that attitude (dominant or subservient) with their Gay Leather or Latex gear.   If you have a different attitude, you should probably check it (along with your pants) at the door.

Not every bar is the same, some may have specific dress (or undress) codes. Some may require only men.  But for the most part, Gay Leather bars are the most inviting and fun places to be and a place where you can feel safe showing off what you have underneath.

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