What is the Collar Code and other things to know about Leather Collars

You are likely to see guys wearing Leather Collars when you go to a Leather Bar or any Fetish Event.  If you are on the hunt, there’s something you should be aware of.  You must respect the Ownership of a Sub.  If a Sub, as hot as he may be looking with his Leather Chest and Body Harness, if his Leather Collar is locked, that means he is owned.  That relationship can be with a partner, daddy, handler, owner, Dom, Sir, or boyfriend.  Whatever label they may have chosen, they are a they. So you need to respect that relationship.

However, if the Leather Collar is not on or locked, then by all means, hunt that piece of Ass.  He is probably looking to be hunted.  Of course if you are the Sub, your roles are simply reverse in this case.  Make sure to unlock that Leather Collar before going out, so that the Daddies and Doms know that you are open – wide open.

Leather Collars or Leather Chokers is also a great look to add to your collection.  If you are ready to be tugged around a bit, or at least suggest that you are, then you should definitely get one.  They are inexpensive, and a great way to stand out in the crowd.  Some are adjustable so that you can wear around your arm as well if you wish.


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