Should I wear a Leather Harness?

Should you wear a Leather Harness? Of course YESSSS!

Sure, we already said you can just wear whatever you want to your Leather Bar.  But what fun is that?  If you’ve done your homework and found a local bar or special event, why not try out your new Leather Harness?  This is especially true if they actually have a dress code that requires it. But hey, many gay men are wearing Leather Harnesses and other Party Gear at White Parties, EDC, Clubs, etc.  Why not join in the fun?

The Leather Harness is inherently sexual piece of gear. When a guy straps on his harness he’s telling you he’s ready for action, probably rough action. The fabric is traditionally masculine, and is part of the BDSM scene. This masculinity is attractive to a lot of people. Try out what fits you best with our select faux leather gear before investing a ton of money into expensive real leather.

Once you have a taste, you’ll probably want to start trying on different styles, and work your way up to more expensive fabrics.  But to get started, VergeWear offers wide selection of Gay Faux Leather Harnesses that you can try.

We promise, once you try it, you’ll feel the exhilaration and never want to go back! Find one below or at our Shop

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