Elastic Harness

The Elastic Harness is a softer version to the Leather Harness. Unlike the Leather version, the Elastic Harness provides a more sensual, but still erotic, vibe. The fabric is traditionally softer and is gaining popularity among parties. The Elastic Harness is not only more economical, it is also extremely practical. It hides well under shirts, so you can wear it before going out without being noticed. Try one today!

We carry a broad selection of styles including Single Shoulder, Double Shoulder, Single/Double/Triple chest strips, Pattern, Solid, Colors, Sizes, etc.  So come check out our broad selection today!

Great for Circuit Parties, White Parties, Pride, EDC, Leather Bars, Fetish Events, etc.  Can be worn under your clothes before you are ready to show off your Elastic Chest Harness to the world!

Also make sure to check out our Leather Chest Harness, Fetish Gear, Party Accessories and Shorts!  Many items are on sale through a limited time promotion, so get yours now while quantities last!

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