Find a special event to try that new Gay Leather Harness!

So you bought a Gay Leather Harness and can’t wait to try it, but your usual bar crowds don’t seem the right place?  Well look again!  Most bars will have Special Events, such as Campus Nights, Drag Shows, and yes, Leather Nights!  Sometimes the reverse is true too, even if you go to a “Leather Bar”, they might have different events going on and you might walk in finding yourself surrounded by a bunch of Queens singing Show Tunes (which is still amazing, but not what we’re looking for right now).

Every bar will have a webpage that you can quick search, and there are many resources out there that outline what events are happening, such as Time Out, OutBuzz, etc.  You can check out if there are specific Bondage or Leather meetups as well!  So to make sure you make the most of our your, make sure you do a bit of research before hand!

But there are bound to be plenty of opportunity to try out the Gay Leather Harness in public.  Most men will wear theirs shirtless at a club these days as well, so feel free to join in on the fun! Of course, if you want to wear it in private with a partner (or more), it definitely adds some spice to your action!

If Gay Leather Harnesses seem expensive, don’t worry, VergeWear offers a large selection of faux Gay Leather Harness options to choose from.

Don’t have a harness yet? Shop for one today!

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